For Creators

Creators are invited to join Mintii by members of the community. After receiving an invite, you’ll need to set up a MetaMask wallet with ETH before creating an artist profile and mint an NFT—which involves uploading your JPG, PNG, or video file to IPFS, a decentralized peer-to-peer storage network. It will then be an NFT you can price in ETH and put up for auction on Mintii.

85 percent of the final sale price goes to the creators. Suppose the piece is resold on Mintii (or OpenSea and Rarible). In that case, a 10% royalty goes back to the wallet that originally minted the NFT.

Read the full guide: Get Started as a Creator

For Collectors

On Mintii, anyone can create a profile to start collecting NFTs. All you’ll need is a MetaMask wallet and ETH, the cryptocurrency used to pay for all transactions on Ethereum. Artists list NFTs for auction at a reserve price, and once the first bid is placed, a 24-hour auction countdown begins. The auction is extended for another 15 minutes if a bid is submitted inside the last 15 minutes.

When you win an auction and claim the NFT, the artwork gets transferred to your wallet and appears on your Mintii collector profile. You can also then display it in your virtual gallery, publish it on social media, sell it on the secondary market later, or pioneer a new approach to appreciating digital art and championing the artists in your collection.

Read the full guide: Get Started as a Collector

For Developers

We love collaborating and invite developers to experiment with our free and open API and contribute their ideas on our Discord channel.

For the Community

There are many ways to get involved with Mintii beyond joining as a creator, collector, or developer. Anyone interested in working together to shape the future of digital culture is welcome to join us on Discord, Instagram, or Twitter. You may join certain community-led activities and events, engage in them, and even envision new possibilities. We actively encourage community members to form new organizations based on their shared interests.

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