Kayakalak Panel 6 (Biennale Collection)


1/8 JOL OG Pavilion Series - 2022 Syncretic Art by Firouz FarmanFarmaian Animation by Farbod M. Mehr Soundscape: Gates of Turan by FORRM. FORRM Digital track included in the Syncretic package. This artwork is a Firouz FarmanFarmaian Gates of Turan Venice Biennale Kyrgyz Pavilion 2022 official production developed in collaboration with Mintii.io

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Persian born Retrofuturist contemporary artist Firouz FarmanFarmaian currently represents the Kyrgyz Republic at the 59th Biennale di Venezia with his post tribal multivalent installation ’Gates of Turan’. Firouz has announced his ‘Biennale drop’ set for 12-06-22 deploying a collection of 10 OG video motioned official NFT’s plus extras linked to the official physical artworks present inside his Venetian Pavilion.
The drop will be followed by a week of multi-screen viewings and events in Venice in the presence of the artist, team and partners, featuring the truly Decentralized MINTII NFT platform. Led by British-Iranian Artist-Designer-Architect Farbod M. Mehr, MINTII is the force behind the drop coordinating production and launch in close collaboration with the artist and Pavilion Producers We R the Nomads Agency.
FarmanFarmaian’s radical approach to his practice is embodied by his Ecology of Soul Manifesto 2020 drop trouncing NFT trash, here echoed by his partnering with MINTII truly decentralized NFT platform and its support of Iranian artists in reaction to the Opensea ban on Persian artists.
The drop marks FarmanFarmaian’s wish to go past the simple NFT format, proposing to call his physical-digital creations Syncretics - mirroring ideas of overlaying interaction between the material and the immaterial.
Also present, Janet Rady Fine Art conducting the silent auction and featuring drop on Artland, Nouvelle Vague Artspaces featuring the OG NFTs on their online platform, NFT Gallery Morrow Collective as promotional partners, special guests from Kyrgyzstan NFT collective Ilgari Foundation with support of GATES OF TURAN main partner SJ Global Investments / Our Wonderful Culture.

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