MINTII enables all to enter the NFT and connect with web3, be it artists, collectors, galleries and anyone with an interest in the space.

Why Mintii?

User Friendly Interface

We have designed a user-friendly interface with the Artist and Collectors in mind


Choose from a variety of iconic and curated NFT artworks and collectibles across multiple blockchains


On Mintii artists can securely authenticate and represent their creation in the digital world with minimum fees


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    Discover Rare Artworks And Collect NFT’s
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    Curated Artworks and Selected Artists
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    Crosschain NFT Marketplace
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    AR VR Compatible
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    Physical Art Shared Ownership
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    Vault System / Fractionalisation of NFTs
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    Royalty and Customisable Smart Contracts
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    Minting landing Page for galleries, collectors & Artists

Cross-chain NFT Marketplace

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Fractional Ownerships

NFTs and Physical Artworks can be split into shares or tokens that can enable many people to own a part of a masterpiece

Step 1


Purchase fractions to collect and own a percentage of your favourite NFT’s

Step 2


Contribute to the reserve price of the NFT collections you buy

Step 3


Cotrol what to do with your fractions

Metaverse and ART-FAIR

MINTII Metaverse

Easily navigate the MINTIIVERSE to be able to both showcase or view collections . Allowing people to create, buy and see NFTs and Physical Art in an engaging and fully immersive manner – VR and AR elevates art higher than a computer screen, phone or even a physical space ever could. Even galleries will be able to have a landing page bring their galleries to the Mintiiverse.


MINTII ART-FAIR is a never-ending art fair specifically curating art to be hosted in our Virtual Reality gallery in the Arc Gallery (Designed by the same designers behind the apple dome) in the Mintiiverse. Mintii Art Fair will create a fully immersive experience for every demographic with art specially selected and upvoted by our curators.

Certificate of Ownership

We are working with galleries and artists to incorporate the physical art world with blockchain and distributed ledger technology in terms of Ownership & Authenticity NFTs of physical works of art. This provides:

  • Immutable provenance attached to works of art ensuring authenticity
  • Proof of ownership of the physical piece adding a layer of security during sales
  • Royalty aspects for artists and galleries


mintii roadmap

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